Pellet stove exhaust

I inspected a pellet stove horizontal flue exhaust venting above a deck. It was measured about 20-inches horizontal from a casement window. It was measured at 24-inches above the composite decking material. The exhaust was installed on the corner of the building.

Any thoughts or recommendations on this install would be appreciated.

Try Good info on pellet stove venting

Pellet venting have specific requirement and here they are.
The termination of a side wall vent serving a pellet-burning appliance shall be located to avoid personal burn or injury, fire hazard and interference with or damage to adjacent properties.
A vent shall not terminate.
a) Less than 2.1 meter (7 ft) above any public walkway, sidewalk, lane, street or right of way.
c) within 1m (3ft) of a building opening or air inlet of another appliance.
The rest don’t apply to your picture.
Guards are also needed to prevent someone walking into it.
But this is what applies here in Ontario according to WETT training and the CSA B365…5.6.

Attached is the requirements for my wood pellet stove, yours may vary.

Hope this helps,

I feel sorry for the person coming up the deck step, scraping their leg on the exposed guardrail cable studs, and falling over in pain onto the hot flue pipe and burning themselves! :shock:

Hey Jeff, those were all written up as safety concerns. Thanks for the feedback. Ouch!