Vermiculite, or nothing at all?

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I am a 25 year old do it yourselfer and I am currently in the process of renovating my parents 1/2 bathroom. It wasn’t until recently that I found out about vermiculite and I would appreciate it very much if someone could put my mind at ease.

I know about asbestos, but I don’t know the types or what it came in. I thought asbestos was asbestos. Not vermiculite with a chance of asbestos mixed in.

This is the bathroom with the attic above. This is an old house, probably dating back towards the 1960’s or so. Researching I saw that was around the time Zonolite was used and that the majority of it came from the Libby mine that had veins of asbestos contaminating things.

I think and I hope this is just a loose batt rockwool. I should probably get it tested, but for future progress on this bathroom I hope I can get some input on the chance that its not vermiculite.

Pictures for your viewing pleasure…

I think this tile is made from asbestos, but since its non-friable and I’m not going to drill into it, I am going to lay laminate floor over top. Infact, I think the whole lower basement of the house is this tile, but we laid a cheap wall-to-wall carpet over the top instead.

I am trying to get the house prepped for the Ontario Energy Audit Program. I hope to get the audit, so that we can take advantage of the grants. I haven’t searched this forum yet, but I will make a thread later if the audit and process of receiving the grants makes it worth it. Seeing as how renovations have to be done by March 31,2011…

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It does look like rockwool:

This is zonolite:

Agree with Larry. And yes, that tile does appear to be an ACM. “Only way to know for sure is to test it”. I would just assume it is, and handle it appropiately.

I agree with the others. That stuff does not appear to be vermiculite.

As to the Energy audit
The program ends March 31/11. You had best have the preretrofit audit done right now.

Hundreds, if not thousands of people have not had the post retrofit done.
There will likely be an overwelming demand for post retrofit evaluations in the comming months.

Merry Christmas


I agree with the other posters as well. The insulation isn’t vermiculite.

Check the size of the floor tiles - if they’re 9"x9" then there’s a very good chance that they contain asbestos.

As Doug has written, try to book your energy audit as soon as possible.

Merry Christmas, and take care,

Thank you very much. I can breathe easy now!

BTW: Any lead paint in the house?

That’s next…

How about lead soldering at copper pipes joints…

The floor tile is asbestos.