Vertical crack(s) foundation wall, leaky rod holes, mold etc

Troy MI, the crack by the basement window was previously injected… ummm, see the mold? I ask the world, where oh friggin where is that supposed LIFETIME WARRANTY… huh?

Because that is what they ALL tell homeowners, sure they do. They open their little scamming yappers and tell them lots of lies, one being the epoxy or urethane injections go ALL the way THROUGH to the outside…pftttttt!
They tell them there is a lifetime guarantee, well loooll, i have posted so many photos/videos of previously injected cracks that leak so WHY are these homeowners calling my ugly butt! … got mold?
Yet another reason more and more of these morons will cover part or all of the basement wall (where the crack is or where they installed their garbage water-diverting system)… to hide water and mold.