Vertical crack leaks, rod holes leak, egress window leaks

the crack and some rod holes were previously done by an interior basement drainage system turd, they leak… i ask, where is the company who claims they have a LIFETIME guarantee on this junk?

Outside before digging…

Inside basement, trying to dry it out

Egress window leaks, 2"+ crevice underneath and this is where the dumb water enters, duh they couldn’t seal this huh? loolll weak shtt man.

Plus froggy, ummm was in duh hole/egress window

The homeowner, as usual, assumed aka incorrectly thought he got water in because of what others told him, before i got there…which friggin was a supposed hydrostatic pressure problem under the basement floor, NOT!
Lies, lies, all lies and misrepresentations.

HAD he listened to, believed the interior basement system sales–morons who were over, he would have spent MUCH more money on an interior drainage system that would NOT have stopped the water from coming in! lolllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooollllllllllll If you don’t STOP the water from coming in you will not stop mold, hello!

Important point, the drywall did NOT get WET. The water was ONLY visible where the bottom of the basement wall meets the stupid basement floor.

Hence, that is one thing the inside basement drainage buttheads take advantage of!!!

They’ll lie to you and tell you the supposed reason you get, you see water along the bottom of the wall/floor is because of a hydrostatic pressure problem under the floor that (of course) only their piece of shtt inside system and sump pump will fix… NONSENSE!!!

Here’s that last video of a finished basement where the homeowner ONLY saw the water along the bottom of the basement wall//floor!

The inside system companies/contractors estimates for their turdball system will almost always be somewhere between $7,000–$20,000, sometimes higher, depends where you live aka, how big of a friggin house you own, got dat?

The video/house in video above, they had 1 crack (leak), 9 leaky rod holes and got a lot of water in under that egress window. The cost to fix the actual problems which STOPPED the water from entering was $1,650.

Versus an interior system that would not have stopped the water (in most cases they won’t take the drywall off, they may take off about 1’ of the lower part).
And the COST for an inside system is waaaaay more!

They either are incompetent or do not want to bother to correctly identify/determine a homeowners actual problem(s), just sell sell sell that shttball water–diverting system. SCAM baby.

One more quick point… drain tiles aka weeping tiles, pffftttttttttttt!!!
Eh, go ahead and fully explain to me just how NEW DRAIN TILES, inside and–or outside of the stupid house, would repair/waterproof the crack, rod holes and opening under the egress window…??? Huh? looollll

Drain tiles have… NOTHING…ZIP, na-----fkg------da to do with why a homeowner has a crack in their foundation wall or leaky rod holes or openings around/under any basement window etc, think again dumb shtts!

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