Very Thankful

Some of you may know that I fractured my heel bone in December, which is worse than it sounds. Surgery followed in January to put the bone (in about 10 pieces) back together, and then three months completely off the foot, elevating it constantly. I started weight-bearing mid-April with extensive physical therapy. Doctors have warned me from the beginning that I most likely would have to find another line of work, but they don’t know how stubborn I am. At the beginning of May, I was feeling good enough that I decided I’d try to get back out there, and started taking a few jobs a week. My pleasant surprise - although painful, I could do it. After spending all winter laid-up, it certainly feels wonderful to be out working again.

Today I received this awesome testimonial, from my 2nd inspection since returning:

"I cannot begin to describe how pleased we are with Brian’s inspection. Not only was he incredibly thorough, he provided a superior report so that we could clearly make an informed decision on the property.

He clearly explained his findings as he walked the property with my family. His expertise was noted not only by my brother-in-law (who does general contracting) but also my nephew who just graduated with his Master degree in Construction Management.

Brian was not only professional but a true pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him. His services were the best value that I could find and he provided superior quality!"
Sara A., Hudson

I just want to say “thank you” to all you guys who have been very supportive. And be careful on those ladders!:wink:

success can be achieved though perseverance over pain
expect no less from a NH hardhead


Laconia bike week ;~))

Good job!!!:p:p

Very well done, Brian. Glad to hear you are back “on your feet” pun intended.

Very nice.

Congratulations and be careful.

very nice

This June I will be two years removed from a fractured calcaneus. Although it hurt to do most things, I kept on inspecting. Had ankle fusion surgery in December and right now I am 90% back to normal. Breaking your heel hurts like heck and the surgery is no fun. Good job getting back at it and take it slow.

Very happy for you, keep up the good work, and the recovery!

Awesome !! Good job and welcome back.

Nice job Brian. …take care on those ladders.

Here’s hoping you get to 120% on your heel

Glad to see you’re “heeling” nicely!

Keep up the good work!


Sounds like you are following the path I thought you might. :frowning:

How many total surgeries have you undergone so far on the heel? Me Three :frowning:

I am now having the guy who takes care of the Miami Dolphins take a look as well as my chiropractor.

Do you have a chiropractor ?

I also just had arthroscopic knee surgery 5 weeks ago. cleaned up a 1/4 size floater, slightly torn meniscus and cleaned up the rest of the area.

No issues with knee but Back has been killing me since Saturday.

Foot Dr. I am getting a second opinion wanted to sell me some over the counter ortho’s for my shoes…MRI of ankle tomorrow to see if anything shown.

I went to my Chiropractor and he said I was about 22 degrees out of alignment and it was clearly visible on the Xray so I had him work my back and order custom orthotics to try to help fix the difference in legs and feet after the last operation :frowning:

Let me know how it works out. If I remember right I “think” I said you were in for constant hurt. I sure hope you are not like me and that is not the way it is going.

I have not worked in 6 weeks and have a $150 wind mit scheduled for this Fri and a $250 for up to the first hour walk and talk plus a $70 wind mit scheduled for next Thursday. Here’s to hoping I can walk :slight_smile:

Good luck to ya. If you have pain not in the heel area most of the time call me and maybe I can give you some incite. My heel almost never bothers me.