I can't wait for the 22nd!

I get to find out if my surgically repaired heel has healed enough for me to walk on it! 8 weeks of crutches is for the birds.

Be careful with those ladders boys

Get well soon Brad.

Neither can I !

I fell off a roof once, and was fortunate enough where I fell only 14’ and onto my feet. I caught my hand on the gutter on the way down and tore my palm.

I really ducked an injury that time, and evaluate the height, slope, ladder, and ground conditions prior to climbing at all.

Good Luck. My prognosis is not good. My foot is always stiff and sore and really aches after a day of work or 5 or 6 hours in shoes. I really worry about when they stop my physical therapy because it really really helps when my Dr. physically manipulates my foot, kind of like chiropractic practices but on my foot. I doubt I will ever not have pain and have been given a permanent handicap parking placard. Only good thing about it is when I go to Miami parking is free. I went to Slavo’s Snow Show with my Daughter and was digging in my wallet to pony up $15 dollars to park in the lot right in front of the place and they just waved me in :). Almost paid for it’s self with that one trip.

The message board monkeys won’t be excited about that Brad. There will be plenty of useless conversation happening that day :wink:


That is a great PIC which one is Larson and which one is Bushy they all look alike and spew the same old crap:twisted:

OOOH Ohh ah ah…

I care :slight_smile:

They must be right next to nate.

The foot massage works because it is helping break down the adhesions that form from surgery. If you have any insurance, have the doctor refer you to a good masseuse. They can work wonders on relieving the pain and tightness. It worked great for me after I crushed my peroneal tendon and had surgery. Good luck.

Thanks I’ll try it but who knows how long the ins company will keep paying for stuff.

In the past, every time I got hurt and couldn’t work in the field, my businesses grew because all I could do was sit at home and market.

Thats the scary part Nick

8 more weeks in the boot with as much pressure as I can handle on the heel. Doc told me I should be able to walk at that point.

Hope your’e back on the job very soon :slight_smile:

Yep !
It give you the time to think… Like going fishing.

Thanks fellas. I am not sitting around, we have a full inspection schedule and I have a great helper that fills in areas I can’t.

Have your wife message your foot, who knows what it may lead to?

I give her “foot massages” 3 or 4 times a week…she always says “that ain’t my foot”, and I always say “I know, but it was on the way”… :|.)

Just sayin’