Vetting Home Inspectors

How does Spector vet home inspectors that use their services? There is a home inspector operating in my area without a state license and Spectora has his company listed in their directory.

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I doubt they do any vetting. I would send Spectora a note suggesting they should challenge that inspector.

Pretty sure the “directory” is just a search result, no different than googling “home inspector near xxxxx”. If this person is operating an inspection business without a state license, report them to the state.

Why would a software company vet a paying client? It’s not their job. As long as they get their $99.00 a month they don’t care. If you are fully aware they are not licensed, you should report them. But you really need to make sure first.


Do you really think someone’s going to go to Spectora to search a directory for a home inspector?

Do you think anyone even knows what Spectora is?


That is pretty much what they told me in an email. I hope they offer a refund or credit since the inspector decided that it was in his best interest to discontinue advertising for unlicensed services. I hope he didn’t get the annual membership.

Gee Martin, thanks for answering my question with a question. That was really helpful. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What do you think happened overnight to change his behavior?

“I don’t know. Ask him”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was hoping you recognized the reference Brian.

The inspector just recently moved here from Michigan, an unregulated state, and was not aware that Indiana required licensing for home inspectors. I made him aware of the requirement. I am not interested in reporting anyone to the state board, as others suggested, unless absolutely necessary.

No problem, Richard. I don’t think your light is bright enough to know that nobody knows what Spectora is and nobody will go to a product they don’t know for reviews or recommendations.

If you need to learn how to run a successful business, drop me a line I’ll help you out.

I don’t believe this for a minute. It sounds like your business is suffering and this is exactly what you’ll do.

Many thanks Martin. You’re a godsend.

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

You’re welcome Richard. Have you ever thought about having a business model that doesn’t include a $275 home inspection?

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I think that you try to intimidate others because of a low self esteem. Have you considered getting help for your mental insecurities?

You think people are going to find your business in a software inspection directory. Who’s got head issues?

Your light isn’t very bright if you still think that was the intention of my inquiry.

Yes but did you read the four points why other Inspectors charge so much more? Point 4 is most important.

4. Other Inspectors charge more because they know the value of their service while some charge less since they don’t have value.

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When I joined Spectora, they relayed to me that the customer reviews they collected helped with my Google rankings. I did not understand at the time how that actually worked, but over time I figured it out. Each client of Spectora has a public-facing web page (unless it is turned off) that gets ranked by Google and shows up in web searches. So, potential clients do not need to go to Spectora to do a search, the search comes to them.
As most of us are surely aware, InterNACHI does almost the same thing:

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