Video as reference only

I thought Gary Redmond had a good suggestion concerning video as reference.

I inspected a home on a well. At the end of the inspection I went through the house and made sure everything was good before leaving, including checking the bathrooms.

The next day, the listing agent showed up to show the property, they flushed some toilets, one of the toilets kept running and they left without noticing it. The toilet ran the well dry, the pump shut down and the listing agent blamed me, said the pump was fried because I left the toilet running. A running toilet can fry a well pump. The buyer’s agent (friend of mine) went back up before I did and flipped the breaker a few times and the pump started up. Turned out there was a pebble stuck in the impeller and it came loose when the breaker was re-set.

It wouldn’t take very long to shoot video of the plumbing fixtures operating as designed as you go through the house.
I know there are inspectors who shoot photos of the vortices as water goes down the drain but it often doesn’t show up well unless the light is right. Is anyone shooting video for reference only, or in addition to?

Seems like overkill to me.

If someone wants to try and hang some BS like that on me they can talk to my insurance company.

Why not? I turn on the bath sink faucet, tub faucet set my camera on the sink press the video button and flush the toilet. I do the same with GFCI receptacles. It doesn’t take up much time.

Think about it.
This is all CYA right?

You think a video of a sink draining is going to CYA?
If you’re so worried about your A then you shouldn’t be in business.
You should be working for someone else.

Your A can get sued for any reason at anytime and it doesn’t have to be a good reason either.

If some whack job client is really coming after you for a slow sink drain then your little video is not going to help.

Like I said if a client has a bs specious complaint then they can talk to my insurance company.

But go your own way, just wear 5 body cams!:shock::wink:

I take a “courtesy video” when the house is not vacant.
3-5 minute walk around.
Once it came in handy when there was damage behind heavy furniture.
It also cuts down on the number of pics I take.
Private YouTube link sent with the report. :slight_smile: