Video, How to build a walk out basement, bowed wall

“When I first started backfilling I was very careful with it because I knew there was potential for that…” Bowed, cracked basement wall.

…wall/bow got worse. Says he put braces up.

The longer the basement wall the more likely this can happen, depth too.
Using equipment can increase the risk as well…eh.
That’s why we backfill, 1 wheelbarrow at a time. lolol

So he has a 3-4" bowed new basement wall AND has exterior cracks.

North Carolina builder here…foundation waterproofing and some of the problems that people get into when THEY DON’T KNOW what they’re doing :mrgreen: Looks like he gets at least, some of the facts.
:40 …whether a crawl or a basement…waterproofing materials, on the walls. ‘You need to use the correct waterproofing materials…You better understand what
waterproofing material is the best…’

Hmm, well B Dry, Basement Systems etc etc says waterproofing the exterior walls is NOT necessary, says it doesn’t work and other incompetent bulshtt.

1:10 ’ And how HIGH to apply waterproofing materials’, on wall. '…Builders don’t apply the waterproofing high enough on the foundation wall…

Yep, true indeed, and where the hlll are the city inspectors on all-any of this stuff?:-k Its their job to inspect all this sht eh or is it sometimes, lol, they just don’t know/understand what they should, yeah.

1:35…footing drain. Know what we fairly often see? :-k We see the dumb az drain tiles laid too high, up against the lower part of basement walls and not along the footing. Again, where’s the city inspectors on this sht?

2:15…says number 1 problem is the installation of the dimple board.
…‘Once again the dimple board was all buckled over and creased…’ Backfilled clay was pushed in and COMPACTED

Yes sir, dimpled membranes do indeed buckle, crease upon backfilling, compacting the soil or…fairly soon thereafter as the backfilled soil settles a bit more, yes indeedy. That means, there will often be GAPS, crevice s,openings along the TOP whether they use a termination bar at the top or not. Termination bars help but will still have gaps etc allowing water behind it…uh huh