View from this morning's inspection

Beautiful day in NW

Ito 003.jpg

Looks like Mt Rainer, That area is breathtaking. Is that location close to Ft Lewis?

Duvall----North of Ranier


:mrgreen: looks nice, almost worth the hike threw the prickers.:cool:

I love the mountain. :slight_smile:

Whenever I have lived away from this area, I always find myself looking for the mountain and then getting depressed when I can’t see it. It’s part of home.

The area I’m in now is great because you can see the Olympics, Mt.Rainier, and Hood Canal. It takes a little drive north but it’s totally worth it. Then if you go up on a nice hill you can see the entire panorama including the lights of Seattle.

I don’t think there is anywhere more beautiful in the continental U.S. than Western Washington.

Probably somebody else will disagree however. :slight_smile:



Nice picture.

I was stationed in Ft. Lewis, Washington back in 1981. I was an Airborne Ranger for the 2nd/75th Ranger Battallion.

That picture brings back some good memories. I can still remember when Mt. St. Helens erupted back then, spewing ash all over the place.

I’ll never forget the great times I had in Washington. What a fantastic State.