Washington Home Inspectors...

I’m heading to your fair state in a couple of weeks to hang out for a while.

If you had one place you would go for the weekend, where would that favorite place be?

Looking for those “must see” places in western WA!

Thanks for the help!

  • Paradise at Mt. Rainer
  • Hoh Rain Forrest, Olympic National Park
  • Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park
  • Mt. St. Helen’s/ Johnston Ridge Observatory
  • Ride a Ferry (no not Stephen) across puget sound
  • Deception Pass

We have toooo much to do to list. What area will you be staying. North, South, East, West?

Bring some money, we have a ton of Indian Casinos!

Wendy’s motel…

A lot depends on when you are coming. If it is on August 21st, you can always visit the prisoners in the jail. Peter will be incarcerated for quite a while. I think he is in charge of the soap…:mrgreen:

Large fairs have already started. The Puyallup Fair is always in the top 10 largest fairs in the United States. This year it starts on September 5 and runs for 17 days.

One good trip is along the Rain Forest as Peter mentioned. I always try to plan it so I take the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle around 8pm when the city lights are starting to come on. Quite a view from the deck of the super ferries.

Welcome. Let us know when you are here. We always need a reason to show off the microbrews and multitude of wineries around the state.

Great list, Peter…
I lived in SW Wa. for 19 years…
**Mt. St. Helen’s **is without a doubt the most incredible sight to be seen.
Get a taste of it here… http://www.fs.fed.us/gpnf/volcanocams/msh/
And yes, each individual region (and sub-region) has so much to offer…
Check out the photo’s here… http://www.experiencewa.com/v5/home/default.aspx

I know that wherever you visit, Washington will become one of your favorite states. Enjoy !!!


We are flying into Seattle and do not wish to cross the cascades this trip.
Will be there for about 2 weeks (Last wk Aug/1st wk Sep). My wife has some wants, but I would like to catch some of the stuff along the way as they are often some of the best and often missed.

Jim, I’m bringing my own! Thanks!

Thanks for the posts, keep them coming!
We are open for about anything.


When you do arrive, try not to rent a car in the Seattle area. The prices are much high because they have a special tax for the baseball stadium, football stadium and all sort of stuff. If you can rent south or north of King County, it is cheaper just because of the taxes. Depends on which direction you are heading. South, try Tacoma, North, try Everett.

Let me know when you are coming in…and how many. we might be able to meet up and help you out with logistics.

There is a great animal reserve on the way to Mt. Rainier…just about 8 or 9 miles from my place. Trams through the area with lots of wildlife. Eagles, buffalo, elk, mt goats, moose, wolves, cougars, bears. Great camping around the area.

The big fair starts on Friday the 5th of Sept. Usually it is free before noon on the first day. Great onion burgers and food all over the place. The Wrangler Pro Rodeo is there on Fri and Sat the first week. You can spend the full day there and may not see it all.

Give me a call. Number in my profile.


Well,… you should have said so in the first place.

Stephen and I can meet you at the airport and smack the bejesus out of you at the luggage terminal with a salmon! :mrgreen: LOL! Thats why Paul Abernathy wont come back up here. :roll: Ha ha ha,… Jussssssst teasing. :smiley:

Let us know if we can help in anyway.

Saw Busharts note concerning Wendy, what ever happened to her. I don’t see any posting from her any more. Did she find something better to do with her time.

Does anyone have experience with any white water rafting companies in the areas below Seattle?

David, are you RVing?

If so, what are you running? We’re looking to get back into that.

No RV’ing this trip!
We have frequent fly-er miles to burn!
We will be roughing it on occasions, and hot tubing during others! :slight_smile:

This is my “Horsing” around rig.


Have fun in the northwest.

Kind of late in the season, but there are a few rivers that still provide some white water through September,… I always go to Montana for this fun but you can google “White Water Washington” and get a few companies to look at. If you stay in the Seattle area and south (Western Washington) you may have to settle for tubbing :roll: this time of summer.

Thanks for that info.

My wife and I have rafted all over the place and just are looking for some new scenery (if available). Don’t want to do the drag @ss thing though!

We will head for the Ocean where there is plenty of h2o then! :wink:

Thanks for the heads up.

Around here the rivers are TVA controlled and you can have class VI any time you want by just “turning it on”. Actually they turn off the rivers at night and store it up for the next day of fun! It’s funny to see people looking at a dry river bed on the way to the top in the am. They don’t tun it on till the first boat is ready to launch! We run the US Olympic course in east TN whenever visitors show up that have a notion for adventure (even if they aren’t!!!) ;-). Your guaranteed to get wet!