Vinyl siding installation adverse weather condition

I am paying for a new siding job. Contractor started 3 sides of house, never completing a side to the top, prior to a heavy rain storm. Contractors left when the rain came, but left the material exposed. Boxes of Aluminum clad for windows left outside, 1x3 for cladding, & vinyl in boxes, Dow TUFF-R insulation left outside.
I am concerned for 2 things.

  1. Wind blown rain, seeping down the vinyl siding & the insulation board. Will this cause a moisture problem & affect Certaintee warranty.
  2. I do not feel wet materials should be installed.
    Any help appreciated.

Many building materials, especially exterior veneers, can cope with a certain amount of adverse weather before they are finished, what is more of a concern is simply that the moisture does not get trapped behind the building envelope.

What is the type and condition of material that the vinyl siding is being applied?


Agree with Jeff above.

Typically the new vinyl is applied over the existing siding after a moisture barrier and additional insulation is applied (existing home). There is usually little concern with the vinyl not being complete during a rainstorm.

On a new home, or if the original siding was removed down to the sheathing, it is a concern for moisture intrusion, if the moisture barrier was not completed brior to the rainstorm. If it was not, the “wet” walls should be allowed to completely dry out prior to closing it up.

Just for your information…
Vinyl siding is not waterproof. And is not intended to be. If you look at the bottom edge of the siding you will see ‘slits’ or ‘weep holes’ every few feet. This is to help any moisture that gets behind it, to drain and dry out.

Hope this helped.

I am going to agree with the home owner here.
The materials should have been readily accessible to cover quickly AND EASILY encase of weather change.
The conditions may have come fast…
talk to the owner.
Everything should be under protection from the elements.
Barb, how many men where on the job.
What kind of truck did they drive? A box van or a open pickup truck?
Did the truck have the company name and logo with the phone number?
Did they leave the material all over the side or back yard or was it stacked nicely?
Do not get worried. Please talk calmly to the owner and get a reasonable explanation.

Sorry all for the long post everyone.
That is my company mission.
Barb, I am in Canada and we have different building standards.
It makes no diffenc though on wet aluminum insulated siding. You want new dry siding and furring strips applied…
Please tell me its not a cash job.:roll:

“Vinyl siding is not waterproof. And is not intended to be. If you look at the bottom edge of the siding you will see ‘slits’ or ‘weep holes’ every few feet. This is to help any moisture that gets behind it, to drain and dry out.”

[FONT=Arial][FONT=Arial][/FONT][/FONT]This is an oft repeated fallacy repeated over and over by sloppy installers until it’s starting to become ‘fact’. It’s the siding industry’s way of saying they’re not responsible for building defects into your home because of a lack of proper installation training.

Here’s a helpful link.

Frank that is one confusing statement.
“Vinyl siding is not waterproof.”
The thread is talking about tin or aluminum with insulation backing.

As for you water proof statement. make sense sir.
It is meant to keep the exterior envelope water tight yet have the ability to shed moisture and regulate humidity.

Barb tell, us what is happening please. I am interested in what the owner and installers had to say. I want to see if you only read or acted on the FREE ADVICE you where given.
You came here for a reason.
A simple thank you or " I will do that and tell you later " would be a reasonable response.
Other than that Brab "you deserve every thing you get ".
WOW I am amazed by the money people drop without thinking.
I bet it is a cash job.
3 days now , the job is complete and another happy cash paying home owner steels you children’s future, your road work, hospital, doctors, and every other investment government tax payer dollars do.
Sorry but I have that funny feeling it is a cash job.

Robert… re-read post #1

Robert, the quote didn’t format properly in Frank’s post… the “waterproof” comment is mine. See above.

Perhaps you should not post when you are tired.
I would not expect a reply from Barb after a post like that.

Nice to see you again.
I agree most issues with any facet of home construction/remodel/repair can be traced back to poor workmanship. Sometimes I forget to mention things that I feel are a given to inspectors.
Appreciate the correction.

Are you tell me she is here for an answer?
1. Wind blown rain, seeping down the vinyl siding & the insulation board. Will this cause a moisture problem & affect Certaintee warranty.
Would you allow installers to leave a product as she describes and let them continue the next day?

I hung siding and made money stripping aluminum and selling it for scrap.
If I see a contractor not conducting themselves properly on a site I am observing, I talk up right away Jeffery. Its easy to communicate and get the job back on tract.
Some ones hard earned money remember.

5/8 ply and 1 1/2" nails being used by the roofer.
I am there to see the first nail go in and all materials. I take photos.
Witness Jeffery.
I stopped the job ( the nailing ) and told the owner I will run for 7/8 roofing nails. Dam I will pay for a box. He was nice the job was on its way in 30 minutes.
He told the crew chief to pay attention to the decking next time.
Nail protrusions are uncalled for and a** safety hazard** Jeffery.
Send your child up there to bring down a box and see what can happens.
She paid for dry material. I would have the dry material on site in 1 hour or wait till all material are dried and a written extended warranty by the manufacture.
I am not a ball breaker, I can bend.
I do not like non paying members asking questions that can be answered on better sites.
We have gone through this before.
Not you and I but the ones asking InterNACHI for free advice.
Its wrong in my opinion.

Sorry Frank. Wrong side of the bed.
Please understand I hate that home owners get treated like slobs at times.

Jeffery did you read Franks link.
First enlarged lettering.
Letting water get to the house wrap is like letting water get to the roofing felt. It’s already too late when that happens.

No problem. It’s an uphill battle for all of us when it comes to getting everybody to treat homeowners like the worthy clients they truly are.

Agree one hundred percent Frank. I have been dealing with clients 11 years now. Just wish they would do the same. Facade restoration Company Frank not HI.
Now frank. Wet insulation on a insulated siding left out in the rain as the installer run in the truck or cars and go home.
Would let them hang that product on your wall the next day or ask them to install a dry product like you ordered?
I see to many complications and possibilities for excess humidity buildup .
If the weather penetrated the VDB or tar paper ( hope fully VDB ) we are now talking further complications.
I have hung siding and going back some 30 years now.
I am honest. I did not learn from qualified teachers. I watched pros do it talked to them and learned the right way. 11 years ago I started to hang it right.

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Cover walls with 1/2 inch high R Sheathing& Certainteed Monogramm over cedar shakes.

I thank everyone for their help. I will also be trying to upload pis of the Fascia board that comes down about 4 inched below gutters, & then protrudes close to one inch. To me, that could be a problem for ice build up, forcing moisture behind the walls. What do you think?