Vinyl window flashing and rust

Never saw this type of crown molding type plastic material above windows before.Regular vinyl siding had moisture resistant wrap (tyvek) .
Note the rust stains as these were all over with this are possibly caused from non galvanized fasteners at the old coping which was just replaced (sheet metal) .
Does this look like a proper install at top of the windows ?

Door framing had same plastic decorative molding and wood was rotted at the bottom sides .Again crown molding was plastic.

Lot of other issues I am aware .



The drip edge does not look right. We are starting to see the rusting on alot of our homes here now. I found out the other day that the reason is due to the staples they use to install them. Steel wire staples from an air gun. When the install the soffit they also install the drip edge and use the nailer to do it with. I am kinda wondering if you are having the same issue. The drip edge looks like it is tipped back in the one picture and they should extend past the crown molding by 3/4".

Are those pictures taken with that new camera?

The way the rust staining is in a similar spot, my guess would be a rusting fastener.

Nice hypotheses Greg.
Bob there is a small pool or water that sits on the crown ledge.
Look above the pool. Follow the staining backwards to.
Take your thin pry-bar to the siding above the crown molding. Look under it.Use a bore scope or mirror at the staples or fasteners.
I am with greg. I have seem more tradesman leave staples with the code tag on vinyl siding, wood for deck and other SQ.FT. timber or exterior laminate you can think of.

Moisture is migrating behind that board.
Look inside the home around the window framing. If you have an IR, 5 may get you 10 there is moisture intrusion behind the wall inside around the interior frame not yet discoloring the paint or degrading the wall board.
Did you use your RH meter around the window on both sides?

Vinyl siding doesn’t usually rust, it’s the moisture buildup or some other problem you need to tackle. You can remove the rust from the vinyl siding, but you need to locate the source of rust. Or else it’ll return even though you had removed it a while ago. We have Champion Windows vinyl sidingsince the last few years, and touch wood, no complaints so far.