Virginia Licensing

I have been following the regulations for home inspectors in VA and it looks like after the July 1 deadline that the only way a new entrant can get a license now is 35 hours instruction and 50 inspections under supervision (working for someone?). So am I correct in saying that there is now no path to licensing for new entrants except through “apprenticeship”?

I imagine this will be difficult for someone wanting to start up a business on the side while working their current job.

any opinions on this matter? I would like to get into this, but don’t see how my current schedule would allow that now.

There are a few different ways. But without working with or for someone else you will need the 70 hours of instruction and 50 home inspections and you must keep a detailed log of those inspections to be turned in to DPOR. If you look on DPOR’s webiste it will tell you. If for some reason the adobe files do not work…send them an email and they will email everything to you. Where are you located in Virginia?

Washington State requires 120 classroom hours and 40 in the field, plus pass a $300 test, just to apply for a license…

The easiest way to do the 50 inspections is just to do a free inspection for every person you can. Include all your friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers, etc and even your own home until you reach 50. Or you might drive around and offer a free pre-sale inspection to each for sale home you see.

Yeah the only way to do it now is 25 supervised inspections. The 50 had to be completed before July 1st. I found out the hard way today. Now the part that really irritates me is that had they told me that the previous two times i called and spoke to them, I would have had it done before then. Anyone know someone on the board? Because the way this was rolled out was horrible.