Virginia quashed bill allowing handguns on campuses

One of the sure-fire ways to get 33 people killed on a college campus is to force all the law abiding citizens to give up any means of self defense, could there be anything more stupid? Guess who was the only person on campus with a gun, you got it a whacked foreigner with no respect for our people or our laws, go figure.


Gun control causes crime.

Exactly! With gun control only the criminals have guns.

Hot off the presses… Nagasaki city mayor is shot dead!

What is the big friggin’ deal you say… Well, Japan has some of the strictest gun laws in the world, I 'm not even sure if their cops carry guns. Just goes to show you that gun control like the war on terror, and the war on some drugs & home inspector licensing is mostly a failure and a waste of time & effort. Personal responsibility & integrity is the answer to most problems not government intervention.


That is why Texas changed there law after the mass shooting in the diner. If one person had a weapon the outcome might not have been as bad.