Virginia Tech Shootings

What the fcuk is going on?
I took the day off today and I have been watching this on CNN all day. I now wish that I didn’t. As usual CNN is milking this shooting and they probably will keep doing it for the next month.

I have my daughter in her last year of University and it really hits home.

Any thoughts about “Motives” for these gun grazed Bastards?

We have very little info(actually none) on the motives of the shooter. Best to be patient. CNN and others will fill the dead air with gibberish until some real information is released.

I found this on the Internet.


I was not interested in this Bastards motives only but in general. This is not the first time that this type of indiscriminate shooting has occurred at Universities here in Canada as well as the U.S. This just makes me sick.

Mario, I did not intend to “poke” at you. Sorry. It is just that with these very sensational and disturbing stories, the media, even with little or know info, blathers on about things they have no knowledge. Remember the Duke LaCrosse team?

This is certainly a terrible tragedy worthy of our outrage but our thoughts prayers need to be with the families of those who have lost loved ones in the prime of their lives. There is time for the full story later.

We will know more than we need to soon enough.

I didn’t take it that way Michael no need to apologize.
I was just asking in “General” what the motives are for these bastards.

the motive is attention, all I know and believe is, if the media, would just for once, not even mention what happened, the loonies would stop, they do it for attention, and the media, smothers them with it. IMHO I wish we could get a law passed, that would make it illegal for anyone to ever mention their name again. Just wipe them off the map, like they never even existed. That’s the only way to stop this indiscriminate mass murder.

Mario, you can’t blame this on guns, they could have used an airplane.

We don’t know yet.

What makes people strap bombs to themselves and walk onto a bus or crowded cafe?

Maybe this guy is just a complete nutjob. I hope we find out. It will be a bit tougher with him dead already.


I don’t blame this on guns, as a gun owner and a hunter I can’t and won’t. But something must trigger these bastards to go on killing sprees? I mean this has happened time and time again. WHY?


I know suicides are not covered by the media [with some exceptions] and it has not deterred people from taking their own lives.

I guess the bottom line is, they are sick puppies!

If law abiding citizens weren’t disarmed on college campuses, someone might have been able to stop this SOB. Just take a guess at who was the only one on campus with a gun?

The reason why fu@k ups like this don’t pull this kind of $hit in any WalMart in Florida is because 1/2 the customers at any one time are packing enough heat to take out a small division let alone one asshole with a gun.

Motive… Anyone that can kill like this is crazy, mental…

There is no explanation, you can’t blame it on guns, or video games or my daddy wasn’t there growing up or wanting attention or even rap music.

It’s plain mental. A very disturbed individual, the sad thing is they are everywhere. Big city right on down to a town with a pop. of 1,000.

Or a rental truck loaded with bleach, fertilizer, propane tanks, etc…

The news is already out on this nice student visa young man. A total loner who has been referred to the councelors office on multiple occasions for his violent and bizaar creative writings in his upper division english classes.

Some one was asleep at the wheel as usual.