Visit NACHI booth at ITA's Inspection Expo in Las Vegas, Sept 25-27.

Working the NACHI booth, this will be a great opportunity to meet and speak with fellow members who need chapters started up in their area, or need a presentation on NACHI Benefits &/or Marketing Ideas!


Hi to all,

Russell, looks like I will be joining you there, we’ll have to practice a few Python routines :wink:

Seiously though, the ITA conference is the second best HI conference in the country (we I’m bound to say that aren’t I ;-))



What would make it better? Audio Tapes?:twisted:

They provide food and coffee, don’t you know.:wink:


They listed us at and we have a full page ad in the syllabus.

Gerry, might you have any Chedder?

Not much of a bloody cheese shop, now, is it?

I heard a rumor today that Inspection Universe (sic?) may not happen… and all the links at the website are now defunct…

Can anyone explain more? :-k

I’m doing ITA Expo instead. Moving Inspection Universe.

Probably a wise move Nick, the ITA gig is a pretty good show.
PS I’ll tell you my bathtub race story, if you buy me a beer.:wink:

It would be nice to make it out again. ITA puts on a great event.

duh, it’s working again…:shock: nevermind…