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I have been working on my marketing plan for next year and am contemplating where I should allocate my resources. My site ranking is bad (but improving) and I don’t get many hits. Would any of you care to share the number hits per month your site(s) get. I’m hoping this information will help me decide where to spend my time/money.

Austin, read over the SEO articles I’ve written here and at They will allow you to do most of this yourself so you don’t need to spend any money on SEO (you will spend time though!)

Austin I get hit daily because of Dom’s tips.

That must hurt.

You get use to it :slight_smile:

I will tell you what my first major step to getting more jobs, having much happier clients and relieving me of a ton of stress. HIRE A SECRETARY, it is worth the money spent. This by far was one of the stepping stones to watching my company grow.

I live in SW FLorida…my secretary is in St. Louis. No one comes to the 'Office" so all you need is a phone with a local number and send it to them and the Internet. She is the best move I have made in my company. She is AWESOME at her job and I would be LOST without her.

Take it or leave it…but I think this is where most inspectors next step should be. It has lead me to her another part time secretary and 4 full time inspectors.

Just got this in the mail…

Hi there,

We are a reputable call center specializing in customer support and assistance for all your outsourcing and backend office services. We have a set of efficient and capable agents available at this time to handle any and all of your needs.

We can supply your company with a full time employee with a college degree starting from $7.00 an hour for outbound campaigns or $8.00 an hour for inbound campaigns, all inclusive and tax free. This includes the agent, a computer, a headset, VOIP, fiber optic line and predictive dialer. We also have CPA’s on staff for $8.00 an hour, Virtual Assistants doing data entry for $6.00 an hour, Exec. Assistant for $7.00 an hour, and Bookeeping for $6.75 an hour. The benefits of outsourcing your employee frees you from liabilities such as unemployment insurance, workman’s compensation, Employee health insurance, employer taxes, 401k, HR costs, etc.

You can visit our site . We are located in I.T. Park, Asiatown, Cebu Philippines. Our agents are trained professionals and have excellent English accent. With our system, you can listen to your employees while they handle your customer support or telemarketing. Our detailed prices can be found at our website . Please check on Facilities to see our office.

The campaigns that we have done are:

Cash Advance – b2c
Debt Settlement –b2c
Appointment setting – b2b
Emailing services
SMS texting service
Auto Loans –b2c
Credit cards – b2c
Research/Survey – b2b
Customer Service
Cold Calling
Answering services
Data Entry

I also live in Ok and have web sites up for a couple of years now all of my commercial business comes from the internet. Residential not so the Realtors in Ok pretty much control who does the inspections for residential they will get their guy in one way or the other.

I pretty well dominate the web for thermal imaging commercial in 5 States but it takes time to get there

I have noticed Tulsa is a dog eat dog market prices way to low

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I’ll have to agree. I use Americas Call Center (they only cater to home inspectors). It makes a big difference and you get to enjoy your life. It’s hard to answer the phone when your deep in the crawl space and can’t reach your phone and paper to write on.:wink:

Bobby, two things that turned me off about ACC,

  1. Paul would always call me with a line that had the ID blocked.:shock:
    2.Their price was high for answering phones. I would have to triple my volume to pay for it.

1.They changed it to 000 so we know when their callin. They tried having it say home inspecion services, but when they would call confirming with people or agents and had to leave a message, the people would hit redial and get their main line and not know which HI company they where looking for. Still workin on it.
2. They do more then just answer phones,they sell for you, upsell ancillaries, and other options that I have yet to utilize. I trust them and pay for quality, not just a lowballer to answer the phone.:wink: