Best defect Pic for April

Now excepting Defect pics for April, no specific category
1 picture per person with the first pic submitted being the one accepted

I hope no one turns this light on.

You win! Poll closed!! :mrgreen:

single car attached garage ceiling

garage ceiling.JPG

Those pics are too easy… this defect would break the bank to fix, and are the kinds of defects to be concerned with. :smiley:

So, now we have two threads for the same purpose.
April defects.

Appears it will be a sure way of getting my 15 pictures for this month. :mrgreen::wink:
Pictures here will also be accepted until we reach 15 for the April Poll.

Thank you all for understanding.

Continued here; :slight_smile:

Hey marcel, this thread has no catagory…

See post above.

Let’s see what the members like best.

I’ll take 15 pictures of anything goes for this one and 15 pictures for the catagory over here.

So I would say you have a choice which one to take this month. ;):slight_smile:

Anything goes with this one.

Got to be good ones out there in the past year. Come on:)

No one took pictures this week?:wink:

Anything goes on this one, show us your defect pictures. :slight_smile:

One of many horror stories from recent inspections.

That’s a good one Doug.
Doesn’t seem that long ago when I would watch them do plumbing like that with bell and spigot. But seems to me we had better methods for hangers and attatchments. :mrgreen::wink:

Nice Brad. Did it work?:):mrgreen:

One side looks ok but the other side (south) is a mess. Notice something missing? Garage is 6 years old. Taken on April 3rd 2012

Roof covering attacked by a phaser beam from the Martians. :):wink:

Good one that how I explained it to the client!:mrgreen::mrgreen:
So are you including these ones in the defects as well or is this one just for fun?

Lint stalactites:D

That looks like someone puréed a pile of grey sweaters.