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The lint can still get out if the flap can’t open…Right?





This home had many items that I could have entered into this months contest but I chose the water heater flue. As you can see in the pictures the single wall flue completely failed in the attic. The water heater was about 25 years old. There was no TPR valve at the water heater.



Yes this is outside and operational. This is not a temp service neither been in use for many years

I am calling the state electrical inspector on Monday about this, this not safe for any one and in my opinion is a major defect and health danger.


Well we had a lot of irrigation drain line left after we directed all the water over to the neighbors lawn, so we figured we might as well replace the ductwork as well.


Yes, I lifted the rug. But only because I felt a slight depression in the floor. My report narrative:

An area of minor wood deterioration and/or slight void in the wooden flooring substructure was found on the kitchen floor beneath the textile rug.



Original brick column failed, added wooden makeshift log column, log column eaten by WDO, added another wood column, that too eaten by WDO. Then added an unsecured lolly column on a makeshift “footing”. All columns like this.




House from a flipper had an odd bump in plastered walls, looks like they plastered over live knob and tube wiring? There were 3 discovered in this home.


Foundation is being kept from collapsing by a horizontal telepost and a 2 x 4 between the chimney and the foundation wall. Foundation is still moving which in turn crumbled the chimney. This was allowing water into the basement and the only ‘fresh’ air in the home was a hole they had cut into the furnace duct which circulated the musty air from the basement through the whole house. I know the smell alone would win me some kind of prize. But they had thrown a couple of air fresheners in the furnace to help with the smell.


I recommended to budget to rebuild the deck amongst others…

don’t want to make a hole in the roof for the vent? No problem!

A “new” drain line…and other issues.

Honey, I like the open ceiling looks so lets cut those wood members.

But the roof is now sagging, so let add some reinforcement…



I told you l could fix that balcony; now let’s make sure that your life insurance policy is up to date…


The REA asked if I’d send a letter stating I think the roof would last 2 years…

I apologize, but some of the original pictures of the ones that had multiple, had to be removed in order to post this Poll.
The system has a limit of 25 pics.

Hopefully it does not impair the intent of the monthly defect pictures to much.

Thanks for all that have contributed throughout the year. It has been a pleasure.

Happy Holidays. :slight_smile:

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some great pictures…

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My vote is 3b. Good luck to all.

I appreciate the vote (as an awards committee member), I like the participation in recognizing people. Marcel logs more than his share of hours to make this stuff happen. Thanks to Marcel.

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