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Ever seen pink fiberglass batt and masking tape used to insulate supply piping?

It was a real pro job.

The masking tape had even been stapled to the floor joists for extra protection.

Now that is attention to detail.

Ground water, main level machine machine, kitchen sink, dishwasher, AC condensate, and basement laundry tub all drain into the sump pit. Pump is connected to a home made extension cord using old BX wire that is hard wired to a switch box.
Third picture shows the water stains and mould on the wall in front of the sump pit… Attached Thumbnails


Just plug in the extension cord and fire her up!!!..Literately.
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This is wallpaper used to hold insulation in place because it got wet and heavy, and the paper backing wouldn’t hold it any more.

Don’t fix the leak, or replace the moldy insulation, just wall paper over it.

Oh, the wall paper didn’t hold it either.

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I believe the house was holding up this footing
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check this one out.
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Nice register


This home had many items that I could have entered into this months contest but I chose the water heater flue. As you can see in the pictures the single wall flue completely failed in the attic. The water heater was about 25 years old. There was no TPR valve at the water heater.


Two exhaust fans were the same as this one. They didn’t even try. Mold and mildew was everywhere in the attic space.
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Deck ledger board attachment to house. Amazing.
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sub panel with fuse box to knob and tube wiring, blacks connected to whites
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This was a mobile home inspection in which there was no vented skirting just solid skirting. The water heater was releasing from the TPR valve that had a drain pipe going through the floor into the crawlspace where the steam was trapped. The entire frame was rusted out and 5 out of 15 cross-members had rusted till they had fallen out and the other 10 were completely rusted out as well. There were several places in which I was able to drive my awl through the main steel I-beams. Look closely at the pictures and you can see all of the cross-members drooping from excessive rust and ready to fall out as the others did. The mobile home was only 5 years old also.
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I have heard of filters being called bird catchers but mice catchers this is new to me! LOL
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yawn… my defects are boring.

No way are any boring ,I find we all learn from these pictures .
They help to make sure we miss nothing on our home inspection .
Thanks to you and all others for sending in these pictures .

I agree, we all learn from them Roy. I wonder if there if a certain region is more prone to crazy defects - like back woods areas where there really arent codes or building permits

I am sure that makes a big difference as to what you are going to find. But thanks for the participation.

16 votes looking good thanks to those who have voted

Is there a problem with any of these, I thought the sideways plumbing trap was ingenious.

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WOW 30 votes Looks great keep up the good work we could set a record this month Thanks … Roy

For those who have not voted this is a great day to have a look and pick your choice .

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#1 is by far the best

2 water heater issues neck and neck.
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