Vulture droppings

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That’s a bad Omen right there. Yes!
Nice post you made me laugh.

I agree. What the hell is a ‘Vulcher’??

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That’s what’s scaring me JJ.
I don’t know.

There basically a bird that lives off of rodents and road kill.

I think he’s poking fun at the spelling of the word vulture :wink:


There, Their, They’re…!

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Don’t tell JJ about purging coats, he’ll flip :upside_down_face:

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Footers are the one’s that really “set me off”!! :wink:

How do you feel about waist drain pipes? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I’m not to attend speach class. Google your answer next time know it all.

I don’t like them. They restrict my growth.

After reading this thread several times. I believe the OP is referring to Democrats. Just my presumption LOL.

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I would never think so highly of a Democrat as to call him or her a vulture

Got to get back to watching The Five on Fox.

You spelled it incorrectly.
Use the OP’s spelling.

That would make him angry he seems a bit testy.

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[quote=“bknapp2, post:11, topic:162623”]
I’m not to attend speach class
[/quote]spell check

Forget speech, it all sounds the same! (or-maybe not) It’s your spelling that concerns us. You do supply written reports? Turn your spell checker on! When a word has a red squiggly line under it right click the word and it will supply the correct spelling.


Robert you’re mean ! Yep!

You been talkin’ to my wife?