You be the Judge

A dog with wings or a lazy contractor. The lady of the home tried to tell me it was a squirrel until I showed her the pic and her face turned RED.

This was on the roof with the chimney flashing in the back

Maybe Santa needed to make a pit stop.

I’ve seen alot of strange things up on roof tops,… some of them can be explained by birds/ rodents/ squirrels etc. picking stuff up off the ground (especially food scrap) to hide at the roof top for later but I’m not too sure if any of them pick up dog dung,… weird find.


Coon livin in that chimney?



Everybody likes a warm place in the winter time to …
errr take care of business. :slight_smile:

Correct. I would also like to add that Mike really does know his Sh!t. :smiley:

I would place in my report that it needs further evaluation and sampling. :slight_smile:

Looks Like Smells Like Tastes Like :(:(:frowning:

Why, Think Yew!!..just follow this:

ROTFLMAO - now that is literally a FLOW chart! :smiley:


I think it might be from the new hybrid animals they are making now, it looks like it could be from a eleaphino (cross between an elephant and a rino)

Is threre a test, certicicate, CEU’s, and or some special designation for those that have mastered the nuances of this chart? :smiley:

Brian, absolutely! Feel free to download, print, frame and hang the attached certificate on your office wall with pride. :mrgreen:
BK1.pdf (175 KB)

That is truly funny. :D:D:D

“You are # 1 when it comes to # 2”