Mystery Animal or Dinosaur ?

Joe Tribuzio, Will Decker , and myself all got together to do a large house Inspection today.
Had fun learning from other Inspectors with no liability for a report hanging over my head,
Anyway I decided to open up a slider window at the window well and check for a drain but got a shock when I grabbed this instead of a drain opening.
Any ideas as to what it is?

DSCN5516 (Small).JPG

DSCN5518 (Small).JPG

Jimmy Hoffa ??

It looks like a dog skull with the skin and all removed of course just saw something like this on csi they always look more nasty with the flesh gone.

Agree with Mr. Farmer…

Will and Joe were guessing Raccoon.
Looks like a damn alligator to me though.

Must explain the unused dog food and rubber bone that Will found.
Poor thing probably thought he found a new entry.

  1. Raccoon skull, lateral view.Young animal



Ha-ha-ha-ha…good 'un!!!:smiley:

Here is one more angle of the jaw bone. ( better look)

DSCN5519 (Small).JPG

And a fun time was had by all. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

(It scared the BM out of me. :wink: )

actually I’m pretty sure that is one of my ex’s…I know i recognize those fangs from domestic relations court…i’d have to get a closer look to tell you which one, but then I’d really rather not thank You very much !!!..jim