Wall Panel Tests

I am a researcher and will be developing a plan to conduct tests on wall panels and systems over the next several years. We plan to test standard and non-standard construction techniques as well as new materials. Along the way we will test fastner spacing, types of fasteners, SIPS, etc…

My question for the group is this: What do you think are the gaps in knowledge among the building and inspection community that we should explore?

Thanks for thinking about this topic and offering your comments.


Probably the “biggest gap” that I see on a regular basis is when contractors, tradesmen, homeowners or any other group or individual fail to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for use, installation and application of products or materials. You can have the best, most technologically advanced product and it will not serve its intended purpose if misapplied, improperly installed or used for purposes other than intended. So the user’s lack of knowledge or lack of caring or intentionally ignoring guidelines regarding how to use or install products or materials is the “biggest gap”. This is, in my opinion, a major issue in the building industry today and leads to costly loss, repair or replacement of components and materials. Furthermore, misapplication or improper use of materials or products can lead to potential personal safety issues.

So, how much money are you getting from us taxpayers for this??

nothing. I work for a large company that wants to do the right thing but can be overly burueacratic, that is why i am going to forums where real people exist and not academics. I need your help to get real issues addressed, not just those idenified by manufacturers or academics.

I see a lot of law suits where the contractor/builder has improperly flashed windows and improper type of moisture barrier behind dry set stone

Personally I would like to see all crawlspaces encapsulated and conditioned. 90% of the homes I inspect with crawls have some type of moisture issue.