Walls framed before brick placed on foundation brick ledge

Hey guys. I have a client that called with concerns about his new construction home. I haven’t been out to the property yet but have some pics he sent me. His initial concern is they framed the walls before placing the brick on the brick ledge of the foundation. This particular elevation calls for brick around the foundation perimeter in one area. One wall is a framed 2x6 and the adjacent wall is 2x4. The 2x6 overhangs where the brick will go and the 2x4 has no support for about the last 2 feet where the brick will go. My initial concern is how are they going to anchor the 2x4 plate to the brick and how are they going to ensure a tight fit under the bottom plate with the brick by laying it after the wall is in place. I’m sure you may come up with other concerns, which is welcomed. I’m going out to the property Monday to get my eyes on it, but wanted to get some insight from the board. What issues/ concerns should I write up to address with the builder and do you have any sources I can cite? Thanks a bunch! As far as I can tell, they should have laid the brick first, flush with the slab, then framed the wall.

Easy to lay in brick just a pain to fill top joint . Calling in a brickie to start then stop till framing in and start again is a timing nightmare for a contractor. As long as the brick work gets done and the pointing is tight should not be an issue.

probably just use brick shims: http://www.slipperyrockgazette.net/index.cfm//pageId/366/Making%20Space,%20by%20David,%20Braune,%20Simon%20Braune%20and%20Vivian%20Volz/

Thanks for the input guys. After contemplating, my biggest concern was how could he ensure that all voids would be filled with mortar to make sure moisture wouldn’t be an issue. Turns out the client told the builder he was bringing in a phase inspector and the builder agreed to pull the framing out and install the brick!

The 2x6 sill plate (pic #1) appears to have excessive overhang of the foundation edge (for a load bearing wall). The sill plates do not appear to have enough anchors (bolts) to the foundation.

Brick is not a structural member here.
This is wrong.
As Russell pointed out, excessive overhang.
Moisture is not an issue as brick is not waterproof. There are other things that should be there to address moisture.