Wanted blower door frame and fan

I have gauges I need the blower door frame and fan.

Blower doors should never be used for anything.

With 100,000 newly certified energy auditors, why would you want to invest your money in equipment that will sit idle?

I’ll bite.

Why should blower doors not be used for anything?

I wanted to fool around with one without paying the 2-3 grand, so I built one. (yes you read that right) I used a $200 air mover, an adjustable metal frame, and and non sophisticated poly tarp for the cover. After testing my house, (6 years old, 1500 sq ft plus full basement) I later discovered that I had broken 6 window seals. It now sits in my basement, never to be used on a customers house. There also is the possibility of disturbing now dormant mold, and depositing it where it might grow.

Properly built and calibrated fans…properly operated…do no harm to a structure.

What I love most is how a simple request for parts to complete the set-up gets you smart *** answers. Builders are becoming conscious everyday about the move to build green and yes, using a blower door tells me if they are doing a good job. I have 4 fans and duct blasters that are in use Monday-Friday testing new construction. Right now there are just over 8,000 HERS raters, most estimates say we are going to need 10 times that number in the future.

Additionally, I have an Infiltech Duct Blaster kit for sale, message me for details.

Well good for you.

Gregg have you found a blower door frame and fan yet if not send email info to inspections@live.ca