warped siding (posted by Mindy smith)

[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on AskNACHI.org by Mindy smith (from Vancouver WA). [/ASKNACHI]Hi Im looking for pictures of warped siding. Hardi plank or similar siding. what degree of warping should require replacement? thank you! Mindy

Mindy many factors come in to play when deciding to replace existing siding,
one obvious one would be has water penetrated behind the siding that caused the warping? or is the siding rotten/warped from Wood Destroying Organism’s this is why it would be in your best interest to hire a INACHI inspector to make further evaluation on your existing siding, here is James in Vancouver that would be more than happy to assist you further.
You should also know that he uses thermal imaging to further address any moisture problems you may have if any.

**What are the advantages of Hardie® products? **

  • It doesn’t give in to the elements like wood can. There’s no rotting, warping, buckling or swelling. It withstands hail and flying debris from hard winds and storms.
  • It holds paint much better than wood, which means you don’t have to paint as often and your home looks better, longer!
    *]It’s impervious to termites and other wood-eating insects.
    Hardiplank® and Hardipanel® both come with a 50 year limited transferable warranty against rotting, warping or swelling. That’s peace of mind. The cement board composition of James Hardie® siding makes it the most fire-resistant building material money can buy. That could protect the part of your home that matters to you most: your family.

Hello Mindy;
I have inspected many homes in your neighborhood, and live only a few miles away. Fiber cement board “Hardi”, installed per manufactures guidelines can look warped for many reasons most of which do not affect the integrity of the protective cladding and a few that have devastating effects. However, without actually seeing it in person a diagnosis is hard to make. I can tell you that I have yet to see a “Hardi” installation meet the exact guidelines. I see your home was just built in 2006 so you should have legitimate concerns. If you wish to call me for a free phone consultation I have questions to ask that may assist you.
Looking forward to speaking with you,
James Fronsdahl
Associated Inspection Firm, Inc.