washer drain connection

Clothes wash machine drain hose has direct connection via dishwasher pipe connection at a laundry sink. Then the sink drain exits the house into a dry well in the ground. Usually there is a standpipe with an air gap where the drain hose sits into the standpipe BUT if its good enough for a dish washer, why not a wash machine?
Ive seen wash machines with direct connection into waste line in basements and call them out for having No trap - but this has a trap and going into a drywell, not sewer line.
Just looking for opinions on this set up if correct or not.

Each jurisdiction is different in regards to gray water usage to the property. Some do not allow it at all. Only recently with the drought has SoCal been allowing that use but with many restrictions.

I would call it out as improper drainage to the property and let them know they would need to check with the local authorities on the restrictions for gray water usage. If it is a rural property with septic and a well, you need to take into consideration where the well is located to avoid contamination.

Traps are really only needed to keep sewer / septic gasses from entering the home. Traps don’t stop rats or snakes but they do stop insects. If they allow gray water usage, I doubt if they would enforce any type of trap requirement for that system.