Dishwasher drain

Is this allowed for a dishwasher drain? It certainly looks funny, but don’t want to call it out if there is nothing wrong with it. I don’t think the end was even attached to the pipe.

No…it’s wrong…

That’s not a kitchen sink trap.

P2706.3 Prohibited waste receptors. Plumbing fixtures that
are used for washing or bathing shall not be used to receive the
discharge of indirect waste piping.

  1. A kitchen sink trap is acceptable for use as a receptor
    for a dishwasher.
  2. A laundry tray is acceptable for use as a receptor for a
    clothes washing machine.

Diy standpipe.

WTF! No was it that good. What’s preventing that from coming out? Can you imagine what would happen if there was a blockage down line and everything started coming out that p-trap? Your right in thinking that’s wrong. Time for a plumber.

Needs duct tape to hold it in place. Maybe wrap it with Saran Wrap first.:wink:

Well of course its wrong, its obvious that the P-trap is up side down…lol

Although, as Linas stated " saran wrap " will fix this. Maybe stuff some insulation in there first, just for peace of mind, then slap on the ole duct tape…

Cracks me up what you’ll find…

You guys are wrong as the best way to hold pipe together is by filling it with hydraulic cement that is made to cure wet.

That is wrong in so many ways… before it gets to the trap.

Its not proper and neither is this one of late (attached)…

It’s simply amazing!

Just caulk it. :wink:

No ! Totally not acceptable "

and remember dont try to fix the problem " but definitely note in your report .

Use your previous plumbing training and experience to answer this question.

OMG the plumber was not only a licenced master plumber, but also a DR. Dr. Seuss…i suspect.