washing machine to be powered by extension cord

How should I reply to this email? I am not sure if its from the house i inspected becouse I dont think they moved in yet

Hi Robert-
Is it legal for the washing machine to be powered by extension cord?
Ours is , running under doggie door.
Thank you

Here’s the NEC section regarding flexible cords. You should be able to glean a few points from the prohibited uses.

I believe Article 210 also calls for the receptacle to be within 5 or 6 foot of the intended location of the washer.

Thanks How should i reply to this email, just incase it is the house i inspected and missed this.

How many times do you have to ask the same question? You asked this in at least one other thread that I know of.

First of all. you say “just incase it is the house i inspected” Don’t you know which houses you inspect? Don’t you keep a record of them?

Now the main part of your question. Do you think having a washing machine powered by an extension cord routed over a door is correct? Do you think there should be a permanently installed receptacle at the washer location? Do you think it should be a dedicated circuit. I could go on. But the main thing is. What do you think? If you can’t answer this basic question from your client then I would suggest that you do some studying.
I’m not trying to be an A__, just trying to open your eyes. :shock: :roll:

I understand all of that, I think its for a house they are selling and don’t think it’s something I missed in the house I inspected. I know the answer to the question but don’t know if I should be apologetic if its not even for the house I inspected.

Just say no it is not and see if you hear back. You’ll soon find out if they want you to pay for an outlet installation.

She might be referring it to her clothes washer.