Washington State Lic ??

Does WA State have License requirements for HI ? and any info on WDI license info would be helpful. Thanks


There are no CURRENT laws requiring a Home Inspector to have anything other than a Master Business License issued by the State. That being said, there has been much discussion on this board regarding Home Inspectors and Structural Pest Inspectors in the State of Washington.

It is not required to be a SPI in order to perform home inspections, HOWEVER, in this State, ONLY a SPI can write an inspection report that includes Wood Destroying Organisims (WDO), Wood Destroying Insects (WDI), or Conducive Conditions (CC). The hardest part is the CC. This includes but is not limited to: 1. debris filled gutters 2. plumbing leaks 3. vegetation in contact with the building 4. excessive moisture and any number of other items.

A home inspector can sub out the SPI portion but must use the SPI report “IN IT’S ENTIRITY” and may not use portions or make additions to the home inspection report that include any additional WDO,WDI or CC.

The person that hires the home inspector may also decide to hire their own SPI but the home inspector still cannot mention any conditions. There could be problems. A SPI can legally defer the attic. Who then reports the rotted roof sheathing the home inspector finds? See?

Obtaining the SPI license is pretty easy. Here is the link to the Washington State Department of Agriculture that oversees the program. Due to the recent clarification by the State’s Attorney General’s office, much has been clarified and the items that remain in debate will more than likely be cleared up by the Ag Department.


Best of luck.

Thanks for the info! See all you WA inspectors soon:)