Watch Dogs Home Inspectors offering franchises.

Hmm…I don’t see any widgets.

Can’t afford them at his lowball rates!

That’s called competitive pricing. :slight_smile:


Everything else pails (pales) in comparison.

Server not found

Firefox can’t find the server at

Check the address for typing errors such as instead of
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Not a mobile friendly website.

8K to 10K SF $530??? Wow! :roll:

Must not be desktop friendly either. Using firefox I get Server Not Found. Unless it has something to do with linking from this "updated’ message board.

Single methamphetamine test. Does that mean I only have to take the meth once? :wink:

My rate structure is different than theirs - mine is profitable :cool:

Are they associated with Linas? Seems that their sample thermal images have been previously published by Linas and others. Wonder who actually produced and owns those images?

If it was Linas, the mascot would not be a dog but sheep.

Looks like a stripped down version of a Report Host report.