A Buyer's Choice Home Inspection offers special InterNACHI financing.

Of course they’re offering this to our members. They’re trying to suck up to us after they stole one of our COPYRIGHTED slogans!


Had “A Buyers Choice” franchise in my town…HAD. :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,

I wanted to introduce myself, I am Operations Manager of A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections. If you have any questions about our franchise offering I would be pleased to answer them.

We have home inspectors operating all across Canada (including our inspector in Cornwall Ontario), we’re rapidly expanding our US presence, and we are building our international network, with franchises located in New Zealand, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Chile.

We recognize that franchise ownership is not for everyone, however many individuals benefit greatly from the additional training, guidance, branding, marketing support and purchasing power that our franchise offers. If you feel you are not gaining the market share you are capable of and are looking for additional resources we encourage you to request information and a representative will get in touch to discuss how we can help.


Melissa, what are the start up costs and what is the franchise fee percentage?

I was interested in this information also. So I sent an inquiry.

Haven’t heard back yet.

Everyone is franchising and going multi which helps me .

Never saw a franchise report that takes the time to do it in a detailed manner and they all use the same templates designed to speed up the process .

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Bob, there are some good franchised inspectors in our area. A couple of them are friends of mine. They do a good job for their clients. They may not include 200 pictures of the property, but they deliver a nice report.

I wouldn’t have any interest in franchising if for no other reason than I wouldn’t want to pay a franchise fee and I’m too much of a control freak to allow anyone to tell me how things have to be done.

Care to share?

That is crap! Look, the lady just was looking to add more to the franchise company and we most likely will not hear from her again.
She may have been hired also to build up more Clients from some of the saps at InterNachi.

There are as many ways to run a HI business as there are HI’s. While a franchise is not the direction I choose to follow it might be the perfect business model for those that would like assistance in marketing on a continuous basis.

I am sure always talking positively about every single multi-inspector firm since you have been a member makes your opinion legitimate .
Nothing to do with getting their business to use yours I am sure .:roll:

If in your position I would suck up as well.:slight_smile:

I have seen some of the franchise reports and they are one step above Matrix .
Just my experience.

Still gotta wonder why anyone could be good and not able to make it on their own or willing to work for a small fee like a dog.

To each their own but Individuals do the inspecting ,not third parties taking it off the top.

Learn to market .

Does Nathan recommend Inspectors hang it up and become employees to his multi-inspector clients at his seminars ?


In my opinion, you are a prime example of why someone might want to go the franchise route :slight_smile:

The guys that I know, one I grew up with, have a Pillar to Post franchise. I dont have a copy of their report, but I did have them inspect a house for me several years ago. I thought it was a very good report. Of course, report writing options have changed over the past few years.

I think the main benefit to my friend was guidance. He was knowledgeable about how to inspect, but needed some help with getting his business off the ground. Plus I think they have dedicated territories.

To each his own. Not my style.

Juan is it true you are giving up and working for another Inspection company at half rate ?:stuck_out_tongue:

You only need to do twice as many for the same pay…what a deal. :twisted:

Sounds good to you right ? as a matter of fact thanks to you and Nathan pushing franchises we will all be working for one of three outfits across the nation and they have decided next year you will get 30% or will never work but heck that’s what you want right ?

Nathan can then stop wasting time telling everyone they are masterminds in waiting and concentrate on three clients instead of running around to sell all the old man rubes…:cool:

P.S private message to someone…still waiting for counterpoint.

I initially started as a Franchise competing against Nick Gromicko …
Businesses and times change…
Franchises can be great for the right individual seeking a particular niche…
I would not dismiss the Business model solely because one has a negative impression with regard to a Franchise…
You never know until you learn…

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