Watch the new preview video regarding InterNACHI's Lead course.

Is Anybody else having trouble viewing nachitv on thier iphone? Everytime I tried to watch it on my iphone it starts with a hvac commercial. Chris have u had any other problems . Thanks


Sorry David, I am an old fart and I watch it on my 24" monitor. I blow it up full screen, get a drink and some munchies and spend hours watching all different training clips. It really is very good stuff.:smiley:


Thanks James, I know its awesome stuff. My problem is I have sat. for internet and it starts and stops alot and with hughesnet your limited to how much you download. But with my Iphone it should work a whole lot better.


The link doesn’t work for me either.

Sorry, but that page was not found on this system.


Unfortunately there is no talk of led toilet plumb, led pipe soldering or led water main.

Interresting nevertheless.


Beauchemin, Marc-Andre (CMI)
Brossard-Quebec-Canada :slight_smile:

Here’s the link:

This 45-minute video is for home inspectors.

Home inspectors play an important role in helping to prevent lead exposure. Inspectors can help ensure that renovation is performed in accordance with lead-safe work practice requirements.

This 45-minute video reviews what contractors must do in order to perform lead-safe work practices.