Problems viewing new video

Is anyone else having problems purchasing and viewing the new video, best home inpection? I cannot seem to purchase it to watch the video. Just want to check and see if I am the only one with this issue. Thanks

No purchase necessary. It is free.

Had problems myself the other day.

Seems to be working fine now.

It works now, I just saw the video last night

If you ever have problems or concerns, please call me. The board is not the best way to get a hold of me. or 303-862-2611.

Now try…

Nice video. Thanks to Jim Krumm and NACHITV!

It took all day for Jim and me to film it. And about 4 days of editing.
James is one of the best.
I think that it’s a great learning experience (for new inspectors and experienced) to watch another inspector.
We can learn a lot from each other. There are many master inspectors (members) who have much to offer.

I agree. It was great video for newbies, but we can all learn and get reassured from others.

Hey Ben, didn’t know that was you behind the camera! It’s one thing to go up on a roof, it’s another to go up with a camera:shock:. The camera guys are always the unsung heros;-). Great job!

Ben, my thanks to you and Jim Krum.

Excellent movie. Watched it last night, and found it very good. Will be useful to a lot of Members.
Well, except the second ladder on the roof. :wink:
Not unless the bottom of the ladder is tied. ha. ha.

Great work for being compressed into two hours.

Marcel :):smiley:

We’re working with Jim Krumm ( and a local fire chief friend to develop a ladder safety video. Coming soon…