Watch your head!

Check out this link which shows what a real estate investor found while checking out a potential investment.

Real estate investor finds home booby-trapped with swinging knife


Some sick people out there…:shock:

Yes there are!

Yikes! Thanks for the post Manny.

Never in a million years did I think I was gonna have to be on the lookout for trip wires and deadly booby traps. Sadly, this world is getting more twisted every day.

Wow, lots of sickos out there. I know an investor who ended up in the ICU after going to see a property he just bought. He was sitting in his truck at the curb, and the last thing he remembered was his side window shattering. Apparently, he was beaten very badly with a baseball bat.

The City of brotherly love. We had a maintenance man who worked for us there (large corporation). He would go out on his own time and do maintenance/beautification at the Logan square park. One day a group of union thugs came and roughed him up.

People do odd things when they feel like they have been screwed. When I was a Realtor I was showing a house that had dozens of golf-ball-sized holes at the far end of the living room. Closer inspection reveal entry angles that pointed to a position near the floor on the far side of the room. Guess the owners had them a wild time before they moved out.

That’s crazy. I hope they’re able to track down the perp that set that up.

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