Water Furnace age and TPR question

Need the age of this water furnace if you can help!

This TPR setup just looks wrong…advice please. The discharge pipe is condensate hose which I have called out as I cannot see the termination point it just goes into the wall!

What is the age of the home?

Many water Heaters were connected to Geo-Thermal Units but these were Water Heaters designed for that application.

The piping may be related to the Geo-Thermal Unit but is not a typical installation (thermal loop piping).

Recommend review and repair…

The tpr can be installed like that if it is a longer thermometer on the bottom. Check out the third pic here. http://www.watts.com/pages/support/tp.asp?catId=64 That hose is not the right material no matter where it discharges.


:D:D You Guys are awesome!!! Sorry Joe I don’t know the age of the home, MIC for Realtor listing …he was not around ( a foot of snow today) and the listing has not been confirmed. my check is :wink:

Normally on a water heater being used for hydronic heating, (if that’s what it is) the safety valve is pressure only activated @ 30 psi, not a standard pressure-temperature valve like used for a domestic a water heater even though it is the same appliance, only being used for a different application.