water heater and furnace venting into an open tube, not sealed

I’m renting a house and I have found what looks quite frightening to me. I see plastic pvc looking pipe that is connected to the furnace which looks to me like it was done without a permit by an amateur which leads into what looks like a combustion air duct but instead is an open pvc pipe. Then the water heater which I think is also had has a copper pipe running from the side is the tank into the same pipe the one from the furnace is going into. Take a look. I really hope this isn’t gas flowing freely. The pilot light is on in the furnace so I guess it can’t be flammable gas venting into that pipe but you tell me, please!

I may have to find a different place to put that image online if you can’t view it from this link. Let me know


There is no image/photo in your post. Nothing to view.

Here is the image:



Copper pipe at water heater is the TPRV discharge line. The PVC at furnace is the condensate drain line for the evaporator coil drain pan for Air Conditioner.

Neither are gas lines. Nothing to worry about.

Dont see a gas sediment pipe , foto doesnt show entire pipe either but something to look for

That plastic condensate line may be a little close to the furnace vent.

No condensate trap either…

What everyone said re the pvc and copper, they are for condensate from the AC or humidifier. If you are worried about CO get a good CO alarm and you will be able to sleep worry free :slight_smile: