Water Heater and Furnance side/side, pic included

Is this acceptacle ? this was in the clients garage.
The two were side/side, the water was less than 18inches
above the floor.



I am more worried about the TPRV not being piped, the electric going to the furnace, the appliance connector going thru the unit casing, the lack of a drip leg, a 90 right off of the furnace, and I guess you could throw in if it was only 16" instead of 18" off of the floor.:smiley: And sense your in CA I think the water heater in required to be straped as well. I would like to see the rest of the vent piping in a clearer pic.

If that build-up is 16" off the floor, then it will probably be alright. The gap between the floor and the bottom of the burner is likely to be at least 2", so total will be 18".


What Bruce said, and is that the dryer vent laying on the floor?

yes…thanks for the feedback.