Water heater braided hose kink

Is the kink in this braided hose okay?
Thank you


Not an ideal setup in my opinion. I know these lines are pressure tested but not if they are kinked. Here in BC insurance prices have skyrocketed due to numerous water claims from irresponsible home owners. I reccomend high water leak alarms by all washers.

Susan, you can recommend that a qualified plumber remove the kink for enhanced safety of potential water leakage.

It is hard to say how bad it is kinked from that picture. But it shouldn’t be kinked at all, IMHO.

A kink can’t be fixed once it was kinked the piping material is compromised. Just recommend replacement by a licensed plumbing contractor.

Didn’t know that, Martin…Thanx! :smile:

Thanks for the input. Too bad because it looks new. Will recommend a plumber to client.