Braided like hose to the water heater?

Hey guys I came across this in one of my inspections yesterday. It looks almost like braided hose going into the hot and cold side of the water heater but it’s not silver it’s black. I’ve never seen anything like this. Can someone tell me what this is And I’m guessing it’s not aloud obviously

Looks like black Braided NYLON hose to me. Problem is the size. Looks to be (maybe) 1/2" I.D. Should be 3/4" I.D. for supply.

Thank you sir! So braided nylon is ok for water heater as long as it’s 3/4"?

My question is what’s under that braided nylon really. Like how can I tell ?

Go to the hardware store, buy one, and cut it open…

Those are 3/4" flex lines. I believe they have a rubber hose inside the reinforcement liner. I wouldn’t have one on my WH, especially next to the draft hood. I’ve seen the stainless type flex lines develop pin hole leaks after just a few years, even on an electric WH.

Obviously, composition will vary with design and manufacturer…

I would mention the flue hood too

Thank you very much guys!!

EPDM rubber core is a non-conductive material. The absence of dissimilar metals within the waterway eliminates the potential for internal corrosion

But does it have adequate burst strength?

Impossible to say without knowing the manufacturer and hose type, but seeing as the fitting are crimped hydraulic fittings, I would say yes (generically).

Unusual use of braided flexible hose at water heater. Did not notice any leaks at the time of inspection. Recommend on-going monitoring for leaks.

How’s that? Observe and report.