Water Heater hook up

Can anyone tell me if the black woven type connectors are approved for water heater hook up? I have not seen this type before
Thank you

What is the distance to combustibles for the vent? :shock:

Please rotate your pictures correctly for the ease of helping you.

Roughly 4" either side hmmm

No…not for single wall vent pipe.

Those are the black nylon braid, and they are approved for water heater hookup here in San Diego.


Russel, are they approved for electric water heaters only or are they not combustible? Maybe the water inside would put out any flame? :slight_smile:
I haven’t seen them, that I remember, and didn’t find a link. Thanks.

Both gas and electric. Appropriate clearance from the flue, like any combustible material. I prefer the metal braid myself, but I do like the black.


As a Master Plumber, I always use caution and common sense when it comes to things like this. With my 30+Years experience I would say that this is an ok connection. Keep in mind ALL braded lines can and will fail in time due to the constant pressure and possible hammering and expansion issues… If there is no current leak then there is no need to report it.