Water heater exhaust venting

The house I was at today had taken the bathroom exhaust fan and connected it into the WH flue for venting to outside. I fired up the WH and when WH fan started it sent fumes into the bathroom next door through the exhaust fan. I told client this was not a good thing, plus it had flexible tubing connected to WH flue. Just wondering if any one else had ever seen something like this? Working on the report right now will check back in awhile. Mark

Yes, that’s bad! Good catch Mark.

Wow people can really be stupid sometimes. Nothing like killing off the whole family.

That can KILL!!!

Way to keep your eyes peeled! :shock:

Often there are issues with the homeowner built basement bathrooms.

OMG :shock:

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Unreal, did the homeowner do the new w/h? they probably thought that it would save time when it would end it instead.

It’s hard to say, it’s bank owned and looks like someone came in painted, new carpet and cleaned it up to flip it. They may have even finished the bathroom at that time, client backed out and is looking elsewhere. :frowning:
thanks for all the feedback from everyone!