New....Ventless water heaters

Hello Everyone,

I found a water heater that does not need to be vented to the outside. At least that’s what this homeowner thought.

The new water heater is a tad higher than the old water heater. So why bother making a higher hole in the chimney for the higher water heater. Just leave it the way it came, the exhaust should find it’s way (some how) to the lower vent.


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Ahhhh, take a deep breath.

Easy as pie…cept for these darn headaches I get every day.

Wonder how often he and his family went to the doctor since the new WH was installed?

WOW, hard to believe what we see sometimes

Ya think the occupants were seeing double at times?


Especially when he soldered the HW pipe! And what’s with that duct tape on the flue pipe next to the heater? (Where are you finding these gems Dave?)

75% of my inspections are Foreclosures and Short Sales.

90% of these inspections are pieces of crap that need a lot of work.

Ya, I found a Budweiser can next to the water heater. That’s explains the shoddy solder work.

As for the duct tape on the vent, I find it this way in half the homes I inspect. All dried up and crumbling. They should place a label on duct tape stating, “DO NOT USE ON VENT CONNECTORS”.

Is that another inspection at Lydia’s place???

Is that another inspection at Lydia’s place???