Water heater thermostat

Thought this might help others as well. I have never really checked the correlation between the actual hot water temp, and the water heater’s thermostat setting. At todays inspection, temp was 132 degrees, but this was a vacant home, and the thermostat was set between “low” and “vacation”. Should not be even close to that hot.
I put it in red category, as a safety concern, because if the thermostat is bad, it could lead to superheated water. I know there is another internal safety limit switch, but still…

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What instrument did you use to check temperature?

I use my thermal camera, which is very close to actual, especially if measuring the sink surface.
I know some will debate this…

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I would say that was a good call then, as is its way to hot and there could be other problems that contribute to that temp.
How old was the wh?

Was only 5 years old.

Just so you know, pretty sure on this model with a voltmeter you can read the resistance of the thermocouple, and turn that into a temperature (thus determining if it’s the sensor or the electronics that are bad)…

…or stay in your lane, always an option.

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Even though I have a infrared thermal camera, I use a thermometer.

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These gas valves are not designed to be serviceable. They are designed to be replaced when they go bad. The aqua-stat is wired directly into the gas valve.