Water heater vent pipe

Any comments? :slight_smile:

Oh MY.
Is that going into the return?

Yep. It appeared to be passing through and venting at brick chimney stack behind. Unable to verify for sure. Still asbestos and possible CO in return.

Yeah noticed that also but that is secondary.

The asbestos?

The vent is not allowed to pass through the return - period. The asbestos pipe is not even an issue, other than the fact that it PASSES THROUGH THE RETURN :smiley: Also, those cement-type vent pipes are susceptible to hairline cracks, so it shouldn’t PASS THROUGH THE RETURN.

Is that PVC piping? Is that allowed in your jurisdiction? CPVC and PEX should be at least 18" from the tank.

Man thats some scary stuff right there.

Unbelievable. :slight_smile:

Had to look at pics several times …hard to believe no one else noticed…referring to repair persons that might have been down there…

That’s what I told the client at the inspection, and could allow CO into the system, among other things.

I had to look twice at this one, couldn’t believe it the first time.

It’s CPVC, I wrote the 18" and 6" clearance at vent pipe.

It’s been this way for 10 years. Luckily it’s now vacant and sold as a fixer upper.

Already wrote the report before I posted, thought I’d share. :smiley:

Thanks for sharing

I often hear stories of past occupants passing away suddenly, always being sick, or having unexplained illnesses, mental break-downs or overwhelming feelings of despair. Often there seems to be this “black cloud” hanging over the house that you can just “feel” during the inspection. Then I come across something like this.

A “sick house” will eventually affect (infect) everyone living in it.

May have been what happened at this house. Older couple, the man died within the last year (not sure what from) the lady was getting sick after his death and moved out. That’s what the neighbor said anyway.