Water heater vents!

These are pictures of the vent for the 50 gallon gas water heater from todays inspection. Who knows how long they have been this way. The selling agent was contacted and the local gas utility has been contacted as the unit is a rental from them. Luckily the house is currently vacant, I advised the buyer and their agents that if they started feeling ill or light headed to get out of the house.

Nice photos. It is amazing hundreds of people do not DIE everyday from CO poisoning. What was the CO levels?

Buck I do not have a CO meter(but will be looking at one after this). I don’t think it would really matter on this one it just needed to be fixed immediately.


You are right! It would have been interesting to see what the levels were. I am sure you notified the owner. Did you shut the off?

I did not shut off, the property is currently vacant but the buyers agent called the listing agent. We gave her the number off the water heater for the gas utility who is responsible for it as it is a rental unit.

I would have done the same thing under those conditions. It is amazing what we find.