Water Heater

I must say, this is the worst working water heater I have ever come across. . .

Looks like the relief valve extension is too short and threaded at the end.

Adam, A Plus

That’s the least of it’s worries! :shock:

Where is that doggone “sarcasm” emoticon?

You mean theres more?

Adam, A Plus

Jeff, they can probably salvage the seismic strap…:shock:

I’ll go to the electrical section next, probably a new Zinsco there also!

What’s wrong with it–it has a strap!!

Wow Jeff, you win again!!

Now there’s something I don’t see every day. No, not the water heater… the seismic strap. We don’t have many earthquakes in Kansas.

Was it working?? If it was they seue got their $$ out of it