Water pump?

Any Idea what this could be used for.
The house is on public water.

Irrigation or sprinkler system set up for additional pressure. My neighbors have a small similar one to get water to their back pastures and barn.

Neighborhood or rural?

Yup…it’s intent is to increase water pressure.

Did you check the pressure at the tank area?

Thats a jet pump and a pressure tank. There may be low water pressure from the utility and they are trying to increase it. Not the best way but workable.

They may also have an old well on the property they are using to augment the supply.

Some people prefer private water for lawns , or animals. Probably still a well hookup for additional water

I think Stephen hit the nail on the head, I had a feeling. they do have a large sprinkler set up throughout their property. Rural Redmond,Wa. First thought was they are well water. But clearly hey were not.
Thanks everyone.

Yep sprinkler system.